Kate Fraser is one of my favourite people. You might recognise that name from various other posts which mention her older sister Laura Swanson (nee Fraser). I met Kate through Laura, was then her youth leader and now we are good and proper friends.

On Tuesday night, I went on a special Valentines Day date with Kate. To be honest, I’m surprised she was free as she’s single handedly the hottest person I know. We both wore red (MATCHING) and ate our dessert before our dinner cos we’re rebellious like that. We talked about family, boys, friends, Hart of Dixie and other important issues. I had a really great time.

Kate is smart, grounded, funny, quirky, sporty, genuine, easy-going and loyal. Oh and did I mention she’s seriously good looking?

This post was basically just to brag about how lucky I am but it’s also to brag about Kate new blog endeavour, Katie-Lou I do Love You. Kate inherits serious blogging skills from her older sister but has her own little unique twist that I super love. I’d be stoked if she posted something new everyday.

Check her and her blog out NOW.


Hipstamatically accurate.

Hipstamatic. Did everyone just forget about this little app with the invasion of instagram? I did. But lately I’ve been taking a few little shots. These are for your enjoyment you instagram snobs. Don’t ignore the other photo apps.

Grace and Mitch. Lovers of laughters and a good hip hop move.

I eat meanly lobster is my favourite O.P.I at the moment.

Sadly, this is the last photo I will take in these shoes. It’s time to go.

3 years on. This is still one of the best teacups. Thank you Jessica Greenwood.

The word.

Georgia wins the best sister award. I kinda of adore my Christmas present.

Over a month on and my shins are still pink. It’s a nice contrast to my turquoise nails.

The mind boggles at the things Joel creates in his mind. Creative Genius.

I keep my beauties close by. This photo is one of my Top 10 Favourite’s of all time.

Hipstamatic selfie feat. ponytails, bad burn lines and the inner sanctum. My room.

A quiet day in the office isn’t so bad.

I got new spotty pyjamas and I painted only 3 nails. Great Success.

Oh yeah. That’s my new love, my kindle.

I love sitting outside and taking in a bit of fresh air. Fresh is good for you. That’s a fact.


Firstly I’d like to start this post off with some self promotion. Follow me on twitter @steffanywillis. I’m going to make a conscious effort to update my twitter more frequently.

Tweets from twitterverse I’ve liked lately.

“I needed that sleep! Now coffee time and then back to Hunger Games!” – @msleamichele

“Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. #stopdat!” @therealshantel retweeting Rev Run.

“I’m starting to think that Jesus really does love football” @aplusk

“It’s not about what you get, it’s who your with.. Seriously” @iansomerhalder

“Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out – Anton Chekhov” @ninadobrev

“Reading the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s website. Ironic when atheism turns into a religion of it’s own.” @greggarbo

“You know it’s the holidays when you have left over lasagna for breakfast. Feast continues”. @david_boreanaz

“The feeling of building & completing a pain in ass dresser from ikea is bliss.. Until you walk away only to step on three extra screws. #how” @CandiceAccola

“Do humans know when they say “Chai Tea” they are saying “tea” twice? #uncultured #getwiththeprogram” @roshnivastrad

As Rosh would say. Humans are entertaining. 


It’s one of those things you know in your heart but is difficult to belive ALL the time, that I am always truly blessed.

Sometimes life gives you a tough run and you struggle to find the blessing in each and every day, and other times, it truly feels like your cup runneth over.

My life is currently a cup runneth over sort of time. Where I could count blessings on my hands and toes and maybe even the hairs on my head.

I’m so blessed to be in a job where after 2 months, I’ve already been promoted. My days are full, my mind is challenged and positive working relationships are growing every day.

I’m so blessed to live with two amazing bride to be’s. I get to experience their joy and excitement in one of the craziest best times of their lives.

I’m so blessed to have a mother who cares about me SO much. Not every mother would buy their daughter a new ghd when the old one died because she understands and appreciates the importance of hair, at least to someone like me.

I’m so blessed to go to church that believes, firstly in Jesus Christ and his resurrecting power, but that believes in nourishing the potential of an individual.

I’m so blessed to know couples that are so excited to include me in their life that they create special date nights. How exciting to be a part of the epic romance that is Laurilliam. One day when those two win a ‘we saved the world and we’re married and cute and stuff’ award, I can totally say that I knew them. (Yeh, I said epic, deal with it).

I’m so blessed to have lived at Suez Street for the last year, but am so excited to move back home. Hazelnut Close is a place that is warm, well lived in, wi fi friendly, stocked with dvd’s and endless makeup resources and my two favourite ladies, Mumma and Georgia.

I’m so blessed to be a recipient of grace. I’m honestly the worst person in the world, but Jesus loves me so so completely that most of the time it leaves me quite speechless. And knowing my fondness for words, His grace means a whole lot.

I’m so blessed to live in a country that I can so easily study and learn. This semester at uni has been relatively easy almost stress free.

I’m so blessed to have friends that consider me a good enough friend to share in their special day. This year I get to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of Tegan Churcher and Blaine Swanborough. These two are massive favourites of mine, and after knowing them a combined 22 years (which adds up to my whole life) I’m so happy these two found each other. I also have the priviledge of being a bridesmaid at the wedding of Laura Fraser and William Swanson. These two are a seriously kick butt couple and such amazing friends on their own as well. I’m so so excited. Nicole Steers and Elliot Kidd are also getting married this year, in the mania. (What Tasmanian’s, or mostly just Nicole, call Tasmania) At this wedding, I shall be the MC for the reception. It will basically be the best party bar none. I’m secretly calling it the ‘Steffany Spectacular’ and charging admission. I’m so so honoured to play this role on their wedding day, to me the MC is basically the most important decision in the wedding process.

I’m so blessed to have Peter Willis as a Dad. I got so teary after writing that sentence because I love him so much, and he’s had the biggest impact on my life besides Jesus. My life is better, richer, warmer, happier, crazier because of him. No one has taught me more about the love of Christ, sacrifice, moral integrity, forgiveness, justice, cars, finances, public speaking, self confidence, righteous living and how to serve the kingdom. If I find a man in this world, that is half the man my Dad is.. I will be SO happy.

I’m so blessed to have so many new-ish friends lately. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of amazing people that fill this world. People who aren’t perfect, but that each have something amazing they can contribute.

I’m so blessed to have stunningly good health. After a rough patch a couple of years ago, I’m so blessed to only come down with a flu every now and then. God has been amazingly good to me considering how awfully I treat my body.

I’m so blessed to have access to many many books. I’m currently reading 3 different books. I’m so blessed that I can read whatever I want.

The best thing about blessings is that I’m actually blessed 100% of the time. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. Even when everything feels like it’s going wrong. I have access to food, clean water, shelter and a God who loves me. I’m truly blessed.

Gratefully Shot

After 60 days of photographing things I’m grateful for (365 Agradecido) I am definitely learning a thing or two about how to be thankful.

  1. Coffee Machines

While my new work’s coffee machine actually makes fairly rubbish tasting coffee (after 3 attempts I think I’ll stop) – the very fact that my work has a coffee machine is a huge upgrade.

2. Grocery Store Hair Dye

You woudln’t believe how fast my hair is growing. I have noticeable regrowth after 3 weeks of new hair colour. So I’m very grateful that fixing it, only costs $20.

3. Cupcakes

My new boss bought me a cupcake today. This  makes me so happy.

4. Hannah Pinches

This lovely lady deserves a mention. We went out for dinner and movie last night – she’s honestly just really good company. I laugh a lot when I’m with her and it’s very reassuring to hang out with someone who gets all your references, quotes and jokes.

5. Mum’s Jewellery Collection

She honestly owns a ridiculous amount of jewellery. I could borrow something every day for a year and she probably wouldn’t notice. This is my favourite that I’m loving at the moment.

6. The Adjustment Bureau

I’m glad people still make decent films. It’s so rare to go to a thought provoking movie that isn’t just.. really weird and creepy. Every Christian should go see this. It’s funny how so much of the movie identifies with our worldview and yet how so much of it doesn’t fit in at all. It really helped me cement what I believe about fate, destiny & will. Emily Blunt is also amazing.

7. Bones Drama

Bones is finally amping up the antics when it comes to realtionships drama. So much slow moving tension building up over seasons.. and then Season 5 is just bringing out the big guns in terms of surprise drama.


20 days until I’m on holidays for 2 weeks! A week in Tassie and then a couple of days either side (due to the amazing amount of public holidays in April) is going to be just SO lovely. Plus Dave & Mel’s wedding. Yay!

9. Jesus

10. My new work. I’ve alluded to how much I love it already. But I really do. Grateful & Thankful and Happy.


I’m surrounded by very gorgeous things in life. Here are only a few of them.

Books! I find them so unbelievably lovely. I love to read, to get lost in a story. And film does that as well. And I never want to underestimate how beautiful television can be. But books! Books let you create a world. I love to imagine things. I love how words on an otherwise blank page – let you dive into something completely different!

Friendship. I think friendship is truly gorgeous. True friendship means accepting a person exactly as they are. It doesn’t mean they don’t mess up, that you don’t mess up.. or that there isn’t a certain amount of hurt. But it means you get all of what the other person has to give. Good and Bad. It’s actually unbeatable.

Shoes. Actually no surprises here considering my ongoing relationship with shoes. Specifically high heels. Lately I’ve realised that I don’t actually wear high heels that often. Not like I used to. Perhaps I just got lazy, and then I got into a habit of wearing flats, so heels seemed really difficult. I’m making a committment to wearing heels. I’m actually short, heels are drool worthy and I love them – so it will be worth it!

OH sweetness. His word is actually SO good. One that I’m loving at the moment..

For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. 1 Cor 14:33

This resonates with me so much because I love the thought of viewing God like an author. His peace is beyond compare.

Fashion. It’s actually really gorgeous. So much is unwearable. But I love to look at it all the same. I definitely see it like art. How someone makes something like that out of mere fabric.. well my experience with a sewing machine is very limited. So it impresses me greatly.

Ah.. Nature. Love it. If only you weren’t so hot and I could get out and enjoy you more. I need to go and spend some time on a rug on a pretty hill and just be.

Gorgeous might seem like an odd word choice, especially to describe something like God’.. but really I think it’s perfect.



1. splendid or sumptuous in appearance, coloring, etc.; magnificent: a gorgeous gown; a gorgeous sunset.

2. Informal . extremely good, enjoyable, or pleasant: I had a gorgeous time.

Clean white love

I took these snaps over the last day or two.. just a bit of photo loving from the iPhone.


I love post its. It’s kind of fun to make an accordian with your post its.

I love friends and friends birthdays and friends birthdays by the fire.

I love cheap new work shoes that feel like flats but have a heel.

I love how perfectly my furniture matches my new house, I also love photos.