July Summary

I can’t believe it’s time for another summary!


Books Read: Woah – even less this month. I need to read more. Just ‘Sense and Sensibility’ by Jane Austen.

Clothes Bought: Sunglasses! That’s it!

Consumed Music: Downloaded the new Hillsong Album as it came out this month – it’s pretty great. Also downloaded a few Naturally 7 songs – they are crazy awesome, especially live! 

Films Watched: THE PROPOSAL! Which maybe needs a whole post on it’s own because I loved it so much. Perhaps it was the mood I was in, perhaps it was the funny/cute storyline, perhaps it was Ryan Reynolds – I’m not sure exactly why – but it was amazing! Hands down best romantic comedy I’ve seen in ages! And I’m sorry if I’ve just totally built it up for you.

Recipies Mastered: In my head I’m making that sound that happens on game shows when you get something incorrect.

Lessons Learned: More than half the world hates their lives – and they kind of have reason to. Milk belongs in the fridge and not in the glasses cupboard – late night mind having a blank with that one.

Lessons specifically from Hillsong.

“Have a faith that produces, love that prompts and a hope that inspires” – Brian Houston

“Don’t be tempted to blame yourself from the decline, otherwise you’ll want to credit yourself for the increase” – Craig Groeschel

“Pray as if everything depends on God and act as if everything depends on you” – Matt Maher

“Life is not always about the buffet” & “Christ does the hope of glory without you, just fine!” – Louie Giglio

And everything about Jentezen Franklin’s sermon about drinkers!

Hillsong 09


Also — heaps of people that are really super cool had their birthday this month.

Laura, Ben, Will, Matt, Chare, Blaine, Ruth and Mum! Happy Birthday! xo

I Will Exalt You

I Will Exalt You – Brooke Fraser

I will exalt You

I will exalt You

I will exalt You

You are my God


My hiding place

My safe refuge

My treasure Lord you are

My friend and King

Anointed One

Most Holy


Because You’re with me

Because You’re with me

Because You’re with me

I will not fear


My hiding place

My safe refuge

My treasure Lord You are

My friend and King

Anointed One

Most Holy


Colour Conference 09

Colour Conference 09

Shopping for labels, looking for love

A couple of days ago I arrived home from a weeks holiday in Sydney. Ages ago Bec and I booked a holiday that started off with a couple of days shopping and culminated with the Hillsongs Women’s Conference, Colour. Overall it was a great holiday, shopping and Jesus, always a good combination. I’ve noticed some things about Sydney that I’d like to share.

1. Labels, labels, labels! There are fake labels everywhere in Sydney. I’ve seen them from time to time here in Brisbane, but they are seriously everywhere in Sydney. At markets, stores, Chanel, Versace and Dolce as far as the eye can see! Bad fakes, good fakes. We had a lot of fun shopping in the real stores though, and when you see the real prices (actually.. most fancy stores don’t show you the real prices, because when you’re rich you don’t care) and compare them with the fake prices, you’re really getting a bargain.

2. Sydney smells! I mean not everywhere, it didn’t smell inside of Jimmy Choo or Chanel, or Escada…. but almost everywhere else stinks. We’re walking through the markets.. it smells. We’re walking down the street.. it smells. We’re walking through Bondi.. it smells. Seriously, why does it smell so much in Sydney?

3. Sydney really is the place for the foreigners to reside. I actually think there are more foreigners in the CBD than there are original Sydney dwellers. By the end of the week I’d gotten quite good at deciphering foreign accents.

4. Sydney on a whole, is better looking. Females are better looking.. seriously, the amount of good looking women at Colour – WOO!! And let’s just say.. that the men in Sydney.. are better looking also. Maybe I just got used to the guys in Brisbane? Who knows.

5. The travel home from Sydney is a pain! We got charged like $50 in excess baggage.. although on the way down we had excess baggage and didn’t get charged. Bec got random drug tested.. which is a pain. Our plane got delayed by an hour.. and we had the bumpiest plane ride I’ve had in ages. Although that was kind of Brisbane’s fault.

Overally though.. it was a great trip. Filled with lots of good photos and even better memories. Maybe I’ll post some pictures later!

Sorry to the Syndey CBD and any proud Sydney fans.. but your city really does smell.

The Very NEW Year

Happy New Year!

This year will bring in a lot of changes for me, which I am excited about.

Highlights from last year –

Anberlin Concert – Special Mention to AMinda for giving me her ticket. Maybe the best night of 07.
Hillsong Conference – Special thanks to Laura, Casey and JD for making it a splendid week.
Scatter Groups – I will never play taboo again without remembering that crazy night with my Scatter girls.
Tegan’s Qld Visit – Special mention goes out to Tegan.
My Birthday – Special mentions to Tegan for coming up for it – and to my lovely friends who bought me Phantom of the Opera tickets.
Car Crash – wasn’t really a highlight.. but it was in some ways.

Things I’m looking forward to this year –

Phantom of the Opera – Woo!
Moving into my new house with my new housemates!
Starting uni and finally being able to join in on the uni stress conversations. Being able to say “no I can’t come out – I have to study”
Getting a new car – that uses much less fuel! Yay!

Things I’m not looking forward to this year –

Deciding on who take with me to Phantom of the Opera
Paying rent for my new house
Actually having to study
Not seeing my family very often

I am looking forward to more things than I am dreading – so it’s going to be a good year.