New Year Goals

Look I know it’s mid-January but a girl can still wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR right?

Happy New Year all.

In keeping with the theme I just created out of virtual thin air – here’s my new years resolutions – or goals. Goals seem better for some reason and so for each ‘resolution’ i have something by which it can be measured. A goal without a plan is after all – only a wish. I tried to have one for almost all areas of life.

  1. Get more organised – Use a diary
  2. Get fit – be able to run my current walking route.
  3. Blog once a week – readers can hold me to that one. Essentially it means 50ish posts a year.
  4. Read two books a month –
  5. Complete 5 things off the ‘things to do while I’m still single’ list – a post at the end of the year that shows the 5 things I completed!
  6. Read my bible and journal regularly – have a full journal at the end of year.
  7. Be supportive – have all the same friends and more at the end of the year.
  8. Say yes to good things and no to bad things – be a better a person.


In 2007 I kept a pretty intense journal. I use the term journal pretty loosely as it contains bible journalling, frustrated emotional entries, sermon notes, speeches, stage design drawings, lists as well as those typical girly entries. I was feeling pretty retrospective tonight and was thinking about all that has happened in my life over the last couple of years, things that have changed, things that have stayed the same. I was flipping through this 2007 journal and came across some gems to share.


Longing is the hearts treasury – Augustine

We are desperately aware of how much more we are capable of – James Macpherson

You broke the night like the sun and healed my heart with your great love – Hillsong United

God is a timing freak – Glen Cochrane

What we behold is what we become, behaviour is always the echo of belief – Peter McHugh

Thank you for always listening to my request, yet doing what IS actually best for me, not just what I think is best. I know that within you is all I need for an amazing, exciting and impacting life. Help me to be the kind of friend, employee, daughter, sister, colleague, leader that you want and need me to be. I love you – you are more than my messed up writing and my badly constructed sentences could ever depict.

Steffany Willis

Worth the effort

Despite normally being a ridiculously busy person, while I’m on uni holidays, there isn’t a whole lot for me to do at work. So I fill my time with lots of different websites, blogs and online communities. It’s a bit crazy how many different username and passwords I have to remember. The mind does indeed boggle. Here’s a handful of my favourites at the moment.

Shelfari is really great if you’re really into books.

Best thing about Shelfari is being able to organise all of my reading from years past to current readings.

Toni Snell’s Blog is a fairly new discovery.

I like it because she photographs weddings so beautifully, and has done a fair few people that I know

Chictopia is a website for people who are really into fashion, those willing to share their insight, or those willing to gain insight.

The worst thing about Chictopia is feeling the need to upload photos of yourself in very fashionable clothing and sometimes feeling a little, well, unfashionable.

I discovered because Sarah Starrenburg showed me how great it was for online journalling.

Greatest features on the website would probably be the ability to make journal notes or contributions private or public, and being able to choose which version of the bible you’d like

This is a favourite because despite the exchange rate, I still find shopping for books and dvd’s online a lot easier

The worst thing about is forgetting to think about postage costs and paying more than you thought

I enjoy lauraandfriends because it is regularly updated, varied, funny and helps to keep me up to date with the inner workings of Laura

The thing that would make it a better website would be more frequent posts.

New Year, New You

Happy New Year.

I have now returned to work from 2 weeks of holidays (groan) and so the blogging will become much more frequent.

New Year, New You is the sermon series Northside Church is running at the moment, but it’s also an appropriate title for this post as I consider the past year, the new year and the new years resolutions I have made.

In 2009 — I will read 2 books a month, or 1 book a fortnight, or essentially 24 books this year. In 2007 I made a new years resolution to read a book a month, and I think I only read 2 books that year. Lately I’ve been averaging about 4 or so books a week, but I guess I was on holidays, so maybe 2 books a month is an appropriate goal.

In 2009 — I will take notes on every sermon I hear, and will regularly journal, online or otherwise.

In 2009 — I will seriously consider a career change.

In 2009 — I will become a better cook, perfecting at least 5 dishes.

I think that will do for now. I probably won’t let you know how I go with these, I’m pretty good at not keeping new years resolutions. I think that’s just how it all works.