For the love of Tegan

My best friend Tegan Churcher, is in Tasmania right now. Not only is she my best friend, but she’s also been my housemate for the last year, and a damn good one at that.  I talked to her on the phone today (ashamedly the first time since she’s been in Tasmania) and it was like weights were lifted off my shoulders. I’m in a stellar mood right now simply from talking to her. Is this friendship — I think so! We also talked about how in our old age, we aren’t becoming softie’s but in fact are getting worse at expressing our emotions. (We forgot to say love you and miss you at the end of the conversation). So in an effort to redeem myself, and express more of my undying affection for a great friend. Here’s a tribute, in words and picture, to one Tegan Maree Churcher.


Tegan has great fashion sense. You wouldn’t think it was possible to look that good considering how little she spends.

19th Birthday

Tegan is a committed friend. The above picture is from my 19th birthday dinner in QLD, even though Tegan currently lived in Tasmania. She also does a brilliant fish face.


Tegan is a great shopping partner. This is us at Ikea – she’s also really great a home decoration kinda stuff. And curtseying with her shorts.

Designing Women

She loves Jesus, a lot. This picture is some proof, us at the Designing Women conference at Northside church.


She’s easy to talk to. Sometimes, too easy. And we talk long into the night when we should be asleep. Great conversationalist.


She really loves Christmas. Tegan is Christmas, almost. I always planned my trips to Tasmania at Christmas time, because Christmas isn’t the same without her. I love singing carols with her, Christmas shopping with her and Christmas eating with her.

Teegs and Steff

She’s supportive. I think that’s really important. I always feel loved and supported, like she’ll always be on my side. Unless I’m flat out wrong – then she’ll tell me. 🙂


She is seriously, seriously good looking. Not many smiles better than that one you see above.


She loves her boyfriend Mikhail a lot. Despite the fact that he burnt her with an iron.. (it’s not what it sounds like – but still!) Oh and look at that hair.. hot!


She enjoys some good cold rock – where the rocks are cold. Tegan is great with personal jokes, we have countless personal jokes, including cold rock.

Tegan and Steffany

She’s my best friend. And I love her a lot.


New Year, New You

Happy New Year.

I have now returned to work from 2 weeks of holidays (groan) and so the blogging will become much more frequent.

New Year, New You is the sermon series Northside Church is running at the moment, but it’s also an appropriate title for this post as I consider the past year, the new year and the new years resolutions I have made.

In 2009 — I will read 2 books a month, or 1 book a fortnight, or essentially 24 books this year. In 2007 I made a new years resolution to read a book a month, and I think I only read 2 books that year. Lately I’ve been averaging about 4 or so books a week, but I guess I was on holidays, so maybe 2 books a month is an appropriate goal.

In 2009 — I will take notes on every sermon I hear, and will regularly journal, online or otherwise.

In 2009 — I will seriously consider a career change.

In 2009 — I will become a better cook, perfecting at least 5 dishes.

I think that will do for now. I probably won’t let you know how I go with these, I’m pretty good at not keeping new years resolutions. I think that’s just how it all works.

Christmas is here, bringing good cheer

Today I was a part of the Northside Church’s Christmas Choir. We did this amazing rendition of Carol of the Bells, complete with 50 person 4 part choir, an amazing band and the beautiful Chare David on the Grand Piano.

It was an interesting thing to be part of. It was frustrating most of the time. What with song changes at the last minute etc, but I think in the end, it was worth it. It sounded really good and I think the effect was just what was needed.

I think lots of things in life are like that, sometimes the journey isn’t everything you wished it to be. You get frustrated, taken for granted, upset, tired. But I think, if you choose to be  part of something worthwhile, no matter how the journey is, the destination is worthwhile. I want my life to sound good, and I want it to affect people’s lives and for it to be just what they need.

Christmas Love to everyone.

— Steffany.