I think sometimes I think too much.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how it shouldn’t be that hard to find beautiful things in the world.. things to make you smile. It feels like in the world we live in there are just too many awful things happening and we forget to even look anymore. I think sometimes there’s beauty right in front of our eyes and we miss it. I spend way too much time staring at a computer screen at work, watching the news, checking my bank balance at an atm to realise the beauty in life. I think on this blog I talk a lot about beauty, I post pictures about beautiful things, beautiful people. But that’s mostly for my benefit, so that I don’t stop looking for the pretty things in life. I know that life is messy, it’s full of bad things and bad people and awful tradegies, and that a lot of the time there can be beauty in pain. I wish that wasn’t so though, I wish that there was enough beauty in the world that I didn’t have to search for it.

Here’s some things I’ve been finding beautiful lately.

Knowing that there’s only 35 days til holidays.

That in a single moment. Everything can change. That can be bad at times, but it can also be so good.

I love that photo. I love that it’s all pickles. But there’s a heart in the middle of the prickle. That’s beautiful.

I love songs. I love that there’s this episode of One Tree Hill I’ll watch over and over again, simply because one of the songs in it is so moving.