Framed Fridays

I like to use the framing app on my iPhone to create little framed pictures. I often take more than one picture but of the same kind of thing or at the same event and I like to collate them. You may have noticed that if you follow me on instragram or that I ever like to do it for this blog. Either way, I’ve been a bit slack with posts lately and I have to admit it’s because I’ve been busy living. Busy working, busy with uni and busy with an almost too active social life. Here are some framed shots you might enjoy.

Apart from our hair colour which we kind of swapped and the obvious stunner factor – we’re basically the same people. I love my sister a lot!

Brother hangs, reading on a bed on a balcony and fun in the grass. Thank you McEwans.

SHOES! I love taking photos of my shoes!

Stefan’s parents came to town so we had a bit of a mid-week party. It was great.

I always find the prettiest things to take photos of!

I love this place, it’s people and the coffee.

Don’t mind a Saturday catch up with these long time lovelies.

Saturday Morning Saint Session.

Dance like Steff’s not taking pictures for her blog.

If it’s a public holiday and you HAVE to study.. you may as well study with friends nearby.

I don’t mind a good and colourful Swalisswasen evening.

I just really love coffee.

We went out for dinner and then off to the theatre to celebrate Brett’s 25th. These people are some of the best and I’m so lucky I get to spend time with them.

Just my type.

Lately I’ve been using pintrest. It’s quite wonderful. Being a words person .. it’s not surprising that I love quotes and images and pretty wording and that I have a specific board for typography.

                                                    Source: via Steffany on Pinterest

                                                             Source: via Steffany on Pinterest

                                                                           Source: via Steffany on Pinterest


                                                               Source: via Steffany on Pinterest

                                                            Source: via Steffany on Pinterest


                                                              Source: via Steffany on Pinterest

Hipstamatically accurate.

Hipstamatic. Did everyone just forget about this little app with the invasion of instagram? I did. But lately I’ve been taking a few little shots. These are for your enjoyment you instagram snobs. Don’t ignore the other photo apps.

Grace and Mitch. Lovers of laughters and a good hip hop move.

I eat meanly lobster is my favourite O.P.I at the moment.

Sadly, this is the last photo I will take in these shoes. It’s time to go.

3 years on. This is still one of the best teacups. Thank you Jessica Greenwood.

The word.

Georgia wins the best sister award. I kinda of adore my Christmas present.

Over a month on and my shins are still pink. It’s a nice contrast to my turquoise nails.

The mind boggles at the things Joel creates in his mind. Creative Genius.

I keep my beauties close by. This photo is one of my Top 10 Favourite’s of all time.

Hipstamatic selfie feat. ponytails, bad burn lines and the inner sanctum. My room.

A quiet day in the office isn’t so bad.

I got new spotty pyjamas and I painted only 3 nails. Great Success.

Oh yeah. That’s my new love, my kindle.

I love sitting outside and taking in a bit of fresh air. Fresh is good for you. That’s a fact.


I think sometimes I think too much.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how it shouldn’t be that hard to find beautiful things in the world.. things to make you smile. It feels like in the world we live in there are just too many awful things happening and we forget to even look anymore. I think sometimes there’s beauty right in front of our eyes and we miss it. I spend way too much time staring at a computer screen at work, watching the news, checking my bank balance at an atm to realise the beauty in life. I think on this blog I talk a lot about beauty, I post pictures about beautiful things, beautiful people. But that’s mostly for my benefit, so that I don’t stop looking for the pretty things in life. I know that life is messy, it’s full of bad things and bad people and awful tradegies, and that a lot of the time there can be beauty in pain. I wish that wasn’t so though, I wish that there was enough beauty in the world that I didn’t have to search for it.

Here’s some things I’ve been finding beautiful lately.

Knowing that there’s only 35 days til holidays.

That in a single moment. Everything can change. That can be bad at times, but it can also be so good.

I love that photo. I love that it’s all pickles. But there’s a heart in the middle of the prickle. That’s beautiful.

I love songs. I love that there’s this episode of One Tree Hill I’ll watch over and over again, simply because one of the songs in it is so moving.