My life in pictures.


Everyday at work I have to type the date multiple times – and by multiple, I mean like 200 times. So I was very excited today when I got to type the date


December is without a doubt – the great month of the year. After a fairly dodgy November, I am even more excited than normal to welcome this festive month. 31 days of Christmas orientated activities – what could be more brilliant than that.

Reasons for a great December!

  • Christmas lights. By December, anyone who is gonna do Christmas lights – has them up! This year my Mum is using her Solar Power Christmas lights. Saving the planet and looking pretty at the same time. Yay for Mumma Willis!
  • PANTO! It’s a pure priviledge to be involved in this year’s Christmas Panto ‘Neverland Christmas’. Rehearsals have been underway for nearly two months now and it really helps me get into the Christmas mood! It should be a brilliant weekend – Dec 18 & 19 @ Nexus Church.
  • Christmas shopping. Being a gifts person, I love love shopping for presents. I never seem to have the money that I’ve been allocating to Christmas presents all year long. But doing it on a budget is kind of fun too – I love thinking about what a person would really love to receive at Christmas. I choose to ignore the crowds and the awful parking and just focus on the fact that there are Christmas decorations and Christmas music everywhere!
  • Christmas movies. Christmas movies get played on the tv and at the movies and I love to snuggle in under a blanket (in cranked air con) and pretend it’s snowing here like it is in all the Christmas movies. Favourite is definitely The Santa Claus with Tim Allen. But there are other goodies as well!
  • Wrap up parties. Everything is having a break up and it’s fun to go to so many parties. Looking forward to the reverb break up – Dec 10th – dont’ miss it!
  • Christmas baking.
  • Christmas services – Nexus does such a brilliant job! Looking forward to that.
  • Family – so much of both sides of my family are going to be around this Christmas. Special mention goes out to my Aunty Deanne from the States who hasn’t been home in 4 years!
  • Weather – things aref finally warming up this summer. Will be nice to hit the beach once or twice. I shall try not to get skin cancer while I’m outside.
  • HOLIDAYS! Arghhh – I can’t wait for work holidays. This year we are closing the office on the 23rd.. which means I get Christmas Eve off! Which hasn’t happened in so long!

Ah December.. you make me happy!

Birthday Gifts

A secret blog reader made herself know at my birthday and suggested that I do a blog about my birthday presents. I don’t really like unwrapping presents in front of people, but people still like to see what you got. I got lucky.

Bec's Birthday Gift

My delicious wall clock from Rebecca Mumberson and Nathan Whitecross, soon to be Mr & Mrs Whitecross. I love love it.


I super duper wanted new pyjamas. So I got this lovely voucher for Peter Alexander from Michelle, Clair and Jess. Delightful!


This is half my present from my beautiful sister, Georgia. Narnia books and my favourite ring.


Wow! I love this! From my Aunty Wendy, Uncle Ian and cousins Mitch & Maddy!


Beautiful flowers from beautiful Amy!


I seriously love this bag like I seriously love the Greenwood’s.


My little pamper pack from Luke and Brie!


Zab gives a decent gift! I always need these!


Laura’s awesome wrapping.


Just delightful! The Fraser’s gave me this gift which I should have opened before I cut the cut. But I love it a lot anyway.


Ben Seymour won big points with this present.


You can’t really tell from the picture, but that is like the most amazing candle you have ever seen. And the massage will be the most amazing pain I’ve experience in a while.


Delicious perfume from Ruth and Steve xo


Seriously, what is a birthday party for if not to stock up your jewellery collection! Love these Clint and Joelle. I’m sure Clint did the picking though.


I actually need more photo frames. Thanks Dave Stay. Your birthday is at a very cool time of year.


Liz and Josh. Books. Jane Austen. Things I really really like.


I love this. Blaine, Matt & Rachel and Courtenay gave me this lovely Royal Albert collection of loveliness. I seriously love tea hey, thanks so so much!



Thank you Casey, Kristen & Jayden, Dan, Amy, Kelly, Chloe and Aj for this! Seriously! Yahoo!


It’s hard to show in a picture how amazing this really is. It was wrapped amazingly also. Sarah and Sarah are good present givers.


Thank you Anna and John! Timed this present perfectly for my party!


Vase also from John and Anna. Flowers from Sarah. 🙂

These are just some of the delightful things I received. Parental presents deserve their own post.

Thanks so much everyone. xoxox


Friendship is possibly the great thing in the world. Lately I’ve been reminded just how lucky I am.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.. it has no survival value; rather it gives value to survival. C.S Lewis

On Sunday night I got to see 3 of my best friends. They are not the most perfect people in life but they are perfect for my life.



Tegan Churcher

I met Tegan Churcher when I was 9 years old. I moved to a state called Tasmania because my Dad was becoming the minister of Devonport Church of Christ. Tegan’s mother, Sharon, was in charge of all things creative there. So that’s how we met. Unfortunately we’re still friends to this day and she can still remember that I wore a nightie the first time I met her. Tegan Churcher is my bestest friend. We have been friends for 12 years now and it’s a bond we’re proud to say is a little bit freakish. Tegan loves interior design, Jesus, trying new things and thankfully, she loves me. She has great taste in music & in fashion. People say we look alike. I think that’s a lie. We are the same person, she is just 10 times better looking than I am.



Laura Fraser

I don’t recall the specific time and place that I met Laura Fraser, although it was much later on in life than when I met Tegan. Laura and I started to become friends in Science class. We actually really bonded over this little personal joke we got going which was N.E.R.F’s. It’s basically a nerdier way to be a nerd. But let’s face it.. I gave up being a nerd or a nerf a long time ago, LF is still going strong. Which is actually one of the the things I love about Laura. She’s really intelligent. Sometimes she misses jokes but don’t let that fool you. Laura Fraser will do great things. Laura Fraser is crazy, I love crazy Laura. Laura is a brilliant writer, artist, dancer, speaker, thinker, photographer and friend.



Emily Averill

I never really met Emily Averill. She’s one of those people that everyone that you know, knows, so then you end up knowing her. What I will say is though, that from the moment we started talking and hanging out.. give us like.. 3 months.. and we were at best friend status. Laura, Emily & I did so many things together and I think the 3 of us sort of became a thing. Emily Averill is different. I think she processes the world differently than the rest of us and I really like that. She’s an insane artist. She should really be making a lot of money out of what she does. She’s a brilliant singer, although she really doesn’t think so. She’s a little more than insanely good looking. Track pants & baggy t-shirt or a lbd – she’s stunning. She’s a great friend, girlfriend, sister & daughter. Her relationships are fresh and exciting, and despite being two years younger than me, I have learnt so much from being in her life.



Rebecca Mumberson

I really clearly remember the first time I met Bec Mumberson. Clearer than the three girls I’ve already mentioned. It was at Grade 9 camp on a bus. I’m very pale and had put sunscreen on my face and rubbed it in, and then put another layer on my face sort of like zink, just to be a little bit weird, but also for extra protection. Bec looked at me with utter disgust as she rolled her eyes ‘Look, do you realise you have sunscreen ALL over you face?’. I told her yes I did, and went on my merry way. Our friendship has frown over the years despite the rough start. Rebecca is kind, thoughtful, persistent, clever, gorgeous, engaged, creative and a really great friend. So many of my happiest memories are filled with this wonderful lady. I can’t wait to be a part of her wedding day.



Some of the other gorgeous people who I’m lucky to do life with..



I love birthdays and I love birthday parties. I think the greatest thing about birthday parties is how self centered they can be. For one night, it can pretty much all about you. There’s sometimes nice about showing a person how much you care about them, but choosing to stop being selfish for one night. Plus there are presents and cake. Two things I’m rather fond of.









These two are engaged. These two are pretty cute. Alone they are lovely people, but together they are maybe even lovlier. I love lovely friends.



This photo is at the airport. I love that friends support you. That’s what friendship is I think. If you set out on a new adventure, in God, in your career, in life – friends are there to support you.



Friends celebrate life together. They get dressed up and they dance together.













A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.– Anonymous

I think I’m pretty lucky. The greatest thing about this post is, there’s a lot of amazing friends of mine who aren’t on this page right here. I’m lucky to have them in my life as well.

Counting down the days..

It’s nearly that time of the year – and by that time of the year – I mean..
It’s nearly my birthday – wooohooo!
And while this post is mainly just cos I haven’t updated in forever and to remind everyone about this joyous occaision – there is more to the post.
What do I want for my birthday..? My mum keeps asking me what I want and I cant’ think of anything. It’s my 18th this year so I need to try and think of something good..

There’s the obvious – I could ask for a car. But I already have one.
Someone said I should ask for a motorbike – somehow, I don’t think I’d grasp the full potential that a motorbike has to offer..
I’m trying to think of the other typical 18th presents – otherwise I’ll get something really lame. And that would be – … well.. very lame.
This is actually one of those posts where I’m asking for comments cos I want any suggestions you might have.. What are some good presents you’ve gotten over the years?
I’m not just asking cos I need ideas – I really am interested. Honest.

23 days..