Tips for Success

I’ve had a lot of jobs. So I don’t know if that makes me qualified, or if after a lot of hit and misses I can just tell you what not to do, but overall, I’d say I’m a good administrator. I’m glad to no longer have ‘Receptionist’ as my work title, but I know how it’s done. That’s for sure.

Here are my top ten tips to keeping your job as a Receptionist:

  1. Be on time. The occaisional late day is acceptable and happens to everyone, but everyday? The traffic won’t change, you have to change to suit the traffic.
  2. Listen. If you don’t understand an instruction, or you didn’t hear it correctly. Ask again. Repeat that phone no. back. You might feel stupid at the time, but you won’t feel as stupid in the long run.
  3. Take your lunch break out of the office. Don’t sit at your desk. This basically goes for all roles but especially for receptionists. It looks unprofessional to eat at your desk and when a client arrives in Reception, you can’t swallow and tell him/her ‘Sorry I’m just on my break, let me find someone to help you’.
  4. Keep a working to-do list and calender. If the system you have doesn’t work, change it.
  5. Prioritise. Complete one job at a time and unless you are the BEST multitasker ever.
  6. Know your staff and your clients. You should know which staff accept telemarketing phone calls and which can’t stand it. You should know what clients to put straight through and which to grill for more information.
  7. Don’t take lots of sick days. Receptionists are normally young and people assume the worst. Better to be sent home than to be at home and have them in the office assuming. I’d say a working goal is no more than half the amount you are allocated per year.
  8. Limit your personal chatter, internet use and phone time. Companies only have a certain amount of tolerance, if any, for these things. Learn your company quick, don’t always follow other employee’s examples.
  9. Proof. Nothing worse than a typo in a phone message or on a contract. Double check who you send that email to. Things can always get awkward.
  10. Breathe.Some people just don’t understand how important Receptionists are. You run that office.

Pet Peeves

Top Ten Pet Peeves of an Office Receptionist

  1. When a colleague repetively asks for you to “hold their calls”
  2. Always being interupted for projects you are working on with the phone. You can’t hold your calls if you’re a receptionist.
  3. Needing relief for lunch breaks and bathroom visits. It’s especially bad if you need to go a lot – everyone knows about it.
  4. Phone callers who won’t answer where they are from or where they work or what it’s in regards to. “Just tell them it’s Ben” is annoying when you’re just following telephone procedures.
  5. Telemarketers you can’t hang up on. Door to door salespeople you can’t hide from.
  6. Phone callers who make bad jokes like. “How are you today” “Good thanks” “Yeah you’re looking pretty good too” – Stupids, you can’t see me! I’ve heard this joke before!
  7. People stealing your pens. Hole punch. Stapler. Etc. Just send me a request and I’ll order those items for you.
  8. Despite the “wash up after yourself” sign – receptionists always end up washing up people’s disgusting lunch leftovers.
  9. Colleagues who lie and then ask you to lie. “Just tell them I’m in a meeting.” How about – just take your phone calls!
  10. Being a receptionist. Full stop.

Actually don’t hate my job – just some observations I managed to make on a not so great day.

If you are a culprit of any of the above – stop it. Just stop it.

Love all receptionists, past, present and future. xo


Opportunity Lost due to lack of Business Card

On Thursday afternoon at approximately 1.30pm a receptionist lost out on an amazing opportunity due to a lack of stationery. Steffany Willis was carrying out general tasks at her place of employment yesterday afternoon when a stunning looking gentlemen arrived for an appointment. She made him his coffee and while he waited for his appointment they engaged in a lovely conversation and Steffany said she was amazed at how easy it was to talk to someone so good looking. “It’s like, I wanted to faint and go all gooey and mushy, but the conversation was so lively that I managed to keep my head” Miss Willis stated. She believes that the reason she hasn’t received a call yet from this gentleman who she’s sure wanted to ask her out, is because of a lack of business card. “I’m quite sure that if I had of had a business card, I could have given it to him pretending to be of receptionistic service – giving him the perfect excuse to call”. Steffany wants to warn other receptionists out there that they should also request business cards for such situations as this. “I wouldn’t want anyone else to be caught in the same position, perhaps there is a need of personal cards – you know, like business cards but with a model like picture and your mobile and facebook link”.

Facts were edited in this story to make it a touch more interesting.

An Apathetic Spirit

Finding the Cure


I am truly convinced that reception desks breed apathy. At least this reception desk does.


I think any job that involves repetitive, monotonous activities have great potential to bring out the lethargic in the most passionate of people.


Before children are exposed to the world’s cruelties, I think they are naturally passionate little human beings.

Babies are passionate. You can hear it in their screams for food or for a nappy change. Children are passionate. They love their toys and they love lots of toys and they passionately hate it when you take their toys away.

Somewhere along the line – our passion fades. I can think of only one person excited about a loss of passion.


From the moment you are born, it seems like your passion, zeal and enthusiasm for life is threatened. Passion can feel like running uphill with a 20kg backpack instead of leaping and bounding across the top of a mountain. Keeping passion feels like fighting a battle you’ve already lost. I guess that’s what losing passion is – giving up on fighting for things you care about.


We were made for far more than apathy.


I know I’m a naturally excitable person. I’m so excited about the release of a children/early teens movie that I’ve got a count down on my Facebook. Most if not all of the injuries I’ve sustained are bruises and bumps from the times I got way too excited by something that I ran into a wall, or fell off my chair. I think excitement and hype are different to passion. I still find myself excited about things. But realistically, they aren’t really things that matter. (Although Zac Efron does matter to Jesus!).


My life is full. But not full of the things I’d like. It’s full of discontent, disappointment, apathy, sickness, printing, folding, stapling and the most irritating noise of all which is a telephone ring and I feel as though I’m suffocating. I sit by myself all day doing nothing of significance and I know how excited Satan is by this.


I know deep down, I’m really passionate about a lot of things. I’m passionate about God’s kingdom, people, communication, love, justice, writing, singing, friends, the restoration of families and about His church.


I’m choosing to be moved by my passion. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’m guessing it’s something different to what I’m doing now.


I get excited by hype, but passion moves me.