An apology

Dear feet,

I know it’s taken me many years to get around to doing this, but I am indeed stubborn, but some apology, although late, is better than no apology at all.

I want to sincerely apologise for all the torment I’ve put you through.

I buy senseless shoes and then force you to endure hours of ‘wearing in’ pain which you never asked for or necessarily deserved.

Due to my overall clumsiness, you are the thing I kick/smash/hurt the most. While my arms and fingers get a fairly good bashing, you are the thing I accidentally kick walls with, you are the guys who get trodden on (sometimes by myself) and battered and bruised.

Most of the time I forget to paint you regularly and therefore you look chipped and worn out, which you no doubt are.

I’m sorry about how much I love shoes. I wish for your sake, that I wore runners everywhere and that I provided you endless comfort. I’m sorry for my 21st birthday shoes. I know they were some of the worst times for you.

Unfortunately, despite this apology, and the fact that I can tell you are hurting even now.. as I type this.. this very second. I probably won’t stop.

Thank you that you don’t desert me. I know you don’t have a lot of choice, what with being attached to my legs and all. Still. I’m grateful.

Rest of Steffany’s body and Steffany’s crazy personality.

Choo Choo

I don’t just love Jimmy Choo shoes. I love Jimmy Choo everything.

Don’t worry. I drooled a little too.

September Wrap Up

Have been a bit MIA lately and that’s due to busy weekends and busy weeks filled with all kinds of different delights that I might post up soon including some pictures of my birthday and birthday gifts.

Got to catch up with Pierson on the weekend for a bit and it was SO good to see him. Also managed to get some footage of him for my ‘LIFE’ movie. Oh I haven’t told you about that? I’m making a movie of my life. Actually, more like my life lately as I haven’t been filming for the last 22 years. Would really love a better camera for filming.. my camera actually does a great job, but something to do with the format.. I have to convert it to use on my mac, and when I convert it, the quality drops. Not sure why anyone would want to know that?

In the meantime.. please enjoy – if you haven’t already seen it, my Hillsong 2010 movie.

Saw Charlie St Cloud on my birthday. Went mostly cos I love a bit of Zac Efron in my life, and especially on my birthday.

Was a bit of a strange sort of movie with an interesting (strange) kind of plot line. The character of Charlie St Cloud was pretty believable. Despite the fact that he talks to ghosts, he doesn’t come across as too ridiculous. Wasn’t as sad as I thought it was going to be either. Two girls were chatting about the movie as we left the cinema and one girl was all ‘Wow, I’ve never heard Zac talk so much, didn’t like that at all’. Haha! However I think Mr Efron’s acting skills have definitely improved and I think I’ll love anything he does – BUT I still prefer him as Troy Bolton. You really can’t beat the cheesy over the top HSM.

three stars

In other news, university is kind of crazy at the moment hence the lack of blogging. I realise that I don’t blog when I’m busy, I blog when I’m bored. Mostly finished a presentation off on the weekend, and just got one more big assignment before I’m done with assignments for the year. I think I just have one exam and then I’m done for a while.

I got two pairs of shoes from Blaine and Tegan for my birthday! Below is the pair I could find a picture of online! How lucky am I?

Isn’t She Lovely

Loveliness on a Thursday afternoon..

God’s finger can touch nothing but to mold it into loveliness – George MacDonald

Great coffee from my best friends coffee shop, one drop.

A productive day at work.

Knowing I still have a lovely evening to look foward to.

A lovely best friend to share lovely lunches with.

New entertainment.

It’s my birthday in 5 days! I’m taking the day off and it’s going to be oh so lovely.

Lovely lovely images.

Photo Source: Some taken by me – see my tumblr for credits.

My list

Things I do to make myself feel better when I kinda need feeling better:

  • Buy shoes
  • Drink milk
  • Listen to something you can scream along to
  • Take a bath
  • Take a nap
  • Paint my toenails
  • Watch Gilmore Girls
  • Talk to Tegan
  • Make up new words to Elton John songs
  • Read the Jesus words
  • Just read
  • Eat the chocolate, or lollies
  • Get a hug from someone
  • Do some ironing

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

Once upon a time a man and lady blinked and then had a baby called Steffany. She grew up and fast and with many bad habits. One of which – was an addiction and love for shoes (and bags, lollies, chocolate and music – but let’s talk about shoes for now)

Call me crazy but I think shoes tell stories. I mean shoes go with you everywhere, unless you don’t wear shoes. I think shoes say a lot about a person. I mean, a guy can have his outfit totally right… and then you look down, and he’s killed it with the wrong pair of shoes. Shoes make or break an outfit. Shoes should never really just be about comfort, or about wearing them because you have to. I wish I had one pair of shoes for everyday of the year. Unfortunately I don’t, but here’s a peak into the shoes in my wardrobe and a little note about each of them. You might be shocked by how many shoes I own, so I’ve also included prices so you don’t completely freak out.



Despite the height on these Tony Bianco heels, they are a very reliable shoe. No blisters, not too much pain from the height and I tend not to fall over a lot in them.

TONY BIANCO – $70 approx



Can anything be wrong with a $7 pair of shoes!!

KMART – $7


It took me a long time to come around to the whole gladiator sandal type thing. So I bought these real cheap in the off season, thankfully they came back. Sure they cut off your ankles, but they are a fashion must have. So I often wear with jeans.

ZU – $30


These were a birthday present from Blaine for my 19th birthday. They’ve been pretty amazing work shoes.



I purchased these shoes as part of my new look that I’m working on. A whole lot less corporate and a lot more casual, bohemian, eco friendly.



These are also part of that look. I think I really wore these in during an Anberlin concert. I might have even bled in them. But yeah, I basically just wanted to mention that I saw Anberlin live.



I scored these in a ‘throwing out stuff, but you can have it if you want’ session at Tasmania House last year.




I bought these for Liz and Josh’s beach wedding. I had a boring black dress so I went with electric blue shoes and accessories.

RMK – $70 approx


Everyone should have a nice pair of gladiator wedges or heels, but hardly anyone does. They are the perfect way to dress something up in summer.



I was trying to break away from my ‘I always wear black heels’ look when I bought these I think.



Tegan and I bought matching pairs.



Bought mostly for comfort, turns out after an hour – they rip your feet to shreds!



Work shoes I borrowed off Mum once because they are a tiny bit big for her. I still have them.



Bought initially for an engagement party. Worn for many other occasions.

ZU – $20


I kinda love Kmart rip offs!

KMART – $12


My mum actually just bought these for me randomly one day, I think I was sick or something and these were on sale. Yahoo!



These are my school formal shoes. Definitely sentimental.

C’EST BON (WILLIAMS) – $80 approx


Work shoes I also scored free off a housemate.

WONDERSOFT or SO SOFT, or whatever that brand is – FREE


I actually had a gold pair of these a while back. The gold ones died, so I bought black ones. Pretty loyal to this shoe.



Borrowed once cos they went with an outfit for a wedding. I never returned them. Haha



First fusion formal shoes!

C’EST BON – $30


No story needed.

HAVAIANAS – $25 approx


Of if a shoe could talk would this one tell stories. It could tell you of all the embarrassing things I did in my high school years when I thought I was cool, it could tell you about all the music gigs I saw in these and all the travels I took in them. I like how worn out mine are – it proves I jumped on the chuck taylor band wagon a fair time ago.



This is my oldest pair of shoes. I got them in Grade 7. I’ve worn them to retail jobs all day long, hospitality stinks.. and any other time I need black-ish shoes and need to be comfortable. See Mum, I told you they’d be worth it.

DOC MARTENS – $120 approx


Great summer sandals.



Work shoes. Worn purely for work, except for when I do a suit and jeans look.

DIANNA FERRARI – $60 approx


I do love havainanas.



Gold and silver variations of the classic black flat.




These are my gorgeous 21st birthday shoes.



They are the most painful but beautiful shoes ever.

SACHI – $60


These boots feel like slippers, that you can wear outside!

Hmmm… I don’t know and they were freee!!


I really love these shoes as well. Originally bought for a Fusion Formal – they go perfectly with this dress I have in the same colour. I would also like to take this moment to say, that I bought these shoes before they started doing cheap rip offs with like gross heels. Everyone’s wedding shoes these days are like gross white version of this. Ew.

ZU – $80


The purpose of these shoes is a surprise.

Wow. I own a lot of shoes. And the scary part is, this isn’t even all of them.


September Summary


Books Read: Max Lucado – No Wonder they call Him Saviour & Max Lucado – Six Hours One Friday

Clothes Bought: I bought a birthday dress and shoes. Yikes those shoes are painful, but beautiful.

Consumed Music: I got some itunes vouchers for my birthday, so I purchased a bit of music this month. I also made a 21st playlist, which meant I downloaded a classic song from every year I was born. Some highlights included Seal – Kissed by a Rose, Simply Red – If you dont’ know me by now, and Destiny’s Child – Bootylicious. With the vouchers I bought the new Paramore album – can’t wait to see them live. And also a few other random songs from The Almost, Alexisonfire who I’ll also be seeing live next year.

Birthdays: Birthdays are pretty big in September. Happy Birthday to Aunty Kerrie, Nathan, Amy, Kelly, Beth, Dave, Sarah, Chetti and most likely others.  Highlights were obviously Laura’s 21st party, which was black and white cocktail themed. Nathan’s 21st which saw hand made candleabra’s set on fire. And my own 21st — which saw my hair set on fire. Accidentally thankfully.

Films Watched: The Surrogates (pretty thought provoking) … and I think that’s all.

Lessons Learned: Lots of hard work and planning can’t necessarily guarantee a successful party. I think successful parties are basically flukes. Cakes can cost a fair bit. Fasting is difficult. Tea is amazing.


I really love shoes.

I know that’s a pretty cliche thing for a girl to love, next thing you’d expect me to say is that I love handbags. Well.. that’s also true, I do love handbags. But I’ve never really been a shoe person until lately. I only had a few different kinds, a sandal or two, a heel or two, a variety of ballet flats. But I never really appreciated shoes. I never understood what the hype was about. I think I understand now. I really really love shoes.

I mean.. maybe not on the love Jesus level, or the love my friends and family level. But I really like them.

Shoes I love

I found this pair on chictopia a little while ago. And I still just love them.

“I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes” Oprah Winfrey

“About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15% are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs” Manolo Blahnik