Clean White Love

Hello my lovely friends and blog readers,

Welcome to Spring! In my opinion, spring is by far the best season. The weather is perfect, I’m born in spring, the flowers are delicious, its wedding season and all of sudden you feel like things that were difficult to achieve in winter, are now possible in spring.

This spring proves to be the best so far. One the 17th of September, my best friend, Tegan Churcher, will become Mrs Tegan Swanborough and this profound and precious occurrence will make this September amazing.

Most of the time I remember that I am a grown up now. I go to say things like ‘When I grow up I want to be a race-car driver’ and then realize that I actually am basically all grown up. I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination, but I am technically grown up. I have a job, bills, responsibilities. Most of the time I remember I am grown up.

Except for when I don’t remember. And I still feel about 12/17 years old and I wonder how I am even old enough to get a speeding ticket, am I really old enough to chaperone my sister on her schoolies cruise? I don’t think so.

I’m also not old enough for my best friend of the last 15 and ¾ years to be getting married. Now I have other friends who are married. My first close friend from school got married at 19, and I had a bit of a flip out then too. But then it became more normal, not so with Tegan. I think it’s because I’ve know her since I was 7.

To me we’re still sitting on the stairs at her parents place drinking green cordial and laughing about nothing. To me we’re still making our own Christmas decorations and decorating our bedrooms. We’re still making dance routines to the Backstreet Boys. We still have fairy parties and McDonalds parties. To me it still feels like the days when I used to try and force Tegan into going for a swim in her pool because I thought it was warm enough. Tegan was very over the novelty of a pool because she actually had one at her house. I still feel like we’re old enough to turn the trampoline up on its side and throw our bodies at it to try and knock it over and land on the trampoline. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when we were swinging on the playground and I got my hair caught in the swing as Tegan twisted me up so that when I untwisted I would spin around in circles. To me we’re still doing fashion parades and playing offices. I remember when we did ‘Twinkle’ the musical together, and I remember having Christmas Eve parties together, I remember talking about our first boyfriends back in primary school and it really wasn’t THAT long ago.

There’s something about knowing someone as well as I know Tegan, that I know marriage doesn’t really change anything much with us. We’ve done best friendship long distance, we survived seasons of boyfriends, break ups and seasons of both being single, we’ve survived financial troubles, and parental troubles and I know, that nothing really shakes our friendship. We’ve sustained one or two knocks, but in the end, they’ve just made it better.

I actually can’t adequately express how grateful I am for Tegan. I honestly don’t know how people survive without friendships like this. There are only really a few people that shape you as a person, and for me, those people are Jesus Christ, my father and Tegan Maree.

I can’t wait to see you get married. I can’t wait to see my childhood best friend and my adult best friend get married to one of the most amazing guys I know. I’m so proud of you. I’m so honoured to know you and to be a part of your life and your big day.

Isn’t She Lovely

Loveliness on a Thursday afternoon..

God’s finger can touch nothing but to mold it into loveliness – George MacDonald

Great coffee from my best friends coffee shop, one drop.

A productive day at work.

Knowing I still have a lovely evening to look foward to.

A lovely best friend to share lovely lunches with.

New entertainment.

It’s my birthday in 5 days! I’m taking the day off and it’s going to be oh so lovely.

Lovely lovely images.

Photo Source: Some taken by me – see my tumblr for credits.


In an effort to overcome my naturally negative disposition. Here’s some things I love at the moment.

List of things I love

Making lists. I started this ‘100 things to do before I’m 30′ list last weekend. It’s a pretty fun thing to just write. To think of all the things you want to do in life.

New music and old music. I’ve been doing a fair bit of downloading (all legal of course) and a lot of copying of old cd’ onto my itunes. I just put an old Stephen Curtis Chapman christmas album onto the itunes. Pretty cool stuff. Downloading some of The Almost. Can’t wait to see them live.

Planning holidays. I’m believing that I will be able to get a particular weekend off work, so that I can go on this amazing trip. Details to come.

Photos. My new camera is going well and taking some great pics. Takes wonderful photos at night, and is so ridiculously light, that I forget I’m carrying it.

Nando’s Salads. I really love the mediterranean chicken salad. I’m not sure if its the dressing or the classic nando’s chicken  – but it’s delicious.

Ruth Limkin. A living breathing legend. If you combine Nando’s and Ruth – what an evening!

Art. Emily and Laura (basically the only people who really follow this blog – haha) I’ve started work on my entry again. You should hopefully see it soon.

Jesus. He’s been a pretty great source of strength lately. I kinda really love Him.

Christmas. I’m a super big fan of Christmas. It’s coming and it’s coming soon. I get two wonderful weeks off and I think I’ve started to drool just thinking about it.

Tegan Maree. Talking to her is the best part of my day.


Friendship is possibly the great thing in the world. Lately I’ve been reminded just how lucky I am.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.. it has no survival value; rather it gives value to survival. C.S Lewis

On Sunday night I got to see 3 of my best friends. They are not the most perfect people in life but they are perfect for my life.



Tegan Churcher

I met Tegan Churcher when I was 9 years old. I moved to a state called Tasmania because my Dad was becoming the minister of Devonport Church of Christ. Tegan’s mother, Sharon, was in charge of all things creative there. So that’s how we met. Unfortunately we’re still friends to this day and she can still remember that I wore a nightie the first time I met her. Tegan Churcher is my bestest friend. We have been friends for 12 years now and it’s a bond we’re proud to say is a little bit freakish. Tegan loves interior design, Jesus, trying new things and thankfully, she loves me. She has great taste in music & in fashion. People say we look alike. I think that’s a lie. We are the same person, she is just 10 times better looking than I am.



Laura Fraser

I don’t recall the specific time and place that I met Laura Fraser, although it was much later on in life than when I met Tegan. Laura and I started to become friends in Science class. We actually really bonded over this little personal joke we got going which was N.E.R.F’s. It’s basically a nerdier way to be a nerd. But let’s face it.. I gave up being a nerd or a nerf a long time ago, LF is still going strong. Which is actually one of the the things I love about Laura. She’s really intelligent. Sometimes she misses jokes but don’t let that fool you. Laura Fraser will do great things. Laura Fraser is crazy, I love crazy Laura. Laura is a brilliant writer, artist, dancer, speaker, thinker, photographer and friend.



Emily Averill

I never really met Emily Averill. She’s one of those people that everyone that you know, knows, so then you end up knowing her. What I will say is though, that from the moment we started talking and hanging out.. give us like.. 3 months.. and we were at best friend status. Laura, Emily & I did so many things together and I think the 3 of us sort of became a thing. Emily Averill is different. I think she processes the world differently than the rest of us and I really like that. She’s an insane artist. She should really be making a lot of money out of what she does. She’s a brilliant singer, although she really doesn’t think so. She’s a little more than insanely good looking. Track pants & baggy t-shirt or a lbd – she’s stunning. She’s a great friend, girlfriend, sister & daughter. Her relationships are fresh and exciting, and despite being two years younger than me, I have learnt so much from being in her life.



Rebecca Mumberson

I really clearly remember the first time I met Bec Mumberson. Clearer than the three girls I’ve already mentioned. It was at Grade 9 camp on a bus. I’m very pale and had put sunscreen on my face and rubbed it in, and then put another layer on my face sort of like zink, just to be a little bit weird, but also for extra protection. Bec looked at me with utter disgust as she rolled her eyes ‘Look, do you realise you have sunscreen ALL over you face?’. I told her yes I did, and went on my merry way. Our friendship has frown over the years despite the rough start. Rebecca is kind, thoughtful, persistent, clever, gorgeous, engaged, creative and a really great friend. So many of my happiest memories are filled with this wonderful lady. I can’t wait to be a part of her wedding day.



Some of the other gorgeous people who I’m lucky to do life with..



I love birthdays and I love birthday parties. I think the greatest thing about birthday parties is how self centered they can be. For one night, it can pretty much all about you. There’s sometimes nice about showing a person how much you care about them, but choosing to stop being selfish for one night. Plus there are presents and cake. Two things I’m rather fond of.









These two are engaged. These two are pretty cute. Alone they are lovely people, but together they are maybe even lovlier. I love lovely friends.



This photo is at the airport. I love that friends support you. That’s what friendship is I think. If you set out on a new adventure, in God, in your career, in life – friends are there to support you.



Friends celebrate life together. They get dressed up and they dance together.













A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.– Anonymous

I think I’m pretty lucky. The greatest thing about this post is, there’s a lot of amazing friends of mine who aren’t on this page right here. I’m lucky to have them in my life as well.

For the love of Tegan

My best friend Tegan Churcher, is in Tasmania right now. Not only is she my best friend, but she’s also been my housemate for the last year, and a damn good one at that.  I talked to her on the phone today (ashamedly the first time since she’s been in Tasmania) and it was like weights were lifted off my shoulders. I’m in a stellar mood right now simply from talking to her. Is this friendship — I think so! We also talked about how in our old age, we aren’t becoming softie’s but in fact are getting worse at expressing our emotions. (We forgot to say love you and miss you at the end of the conversation). So in an effort to redeem myself, and express more of my undying affection for a great friend. Here’s a tribute, in words and picture, to one Tegan Maree Churcher.


Tegan has great fashion sense. You wouldn’t think it was possible to look that good considering how little she spends.

19th Birthday

Tegan is a committed friend. The above picture is from my 19th birthday dinner in QLD, even though Tegan currently lived in Tasmania. She also does a brilliant fish face.


Tegan is a great shopping partner. This is us at Ikea – she’s also really great a home decoration kinda stuff. And curtseying with her shorts.

Designing Women

She loves Jesus, a lot. This picture is some proof, us at the Designing Women conference at Northside church.


She’s easy to talk to. Sometimes, too easy. And we talk long into the night when we should be asleep. Great conversationalist.


She really loves Christmas. Tegan is Christmas, almost. I always planned my trips to Tasmania at Christmas time, because Christmas isn’t the same without her. I love singing carols with her, Christmas shopping with her and Christmas eating with her.

Teegs and Steff

She’s supportive. I think that’s really important. I always feel loved and supported, like she’ll always be on my side. Unless I’m flat out wrong – then she’ll tell me. 🙂


She is seriously, seriously good looking. Not many smiles better than that one you see above.


She loves her boyfriend Mikhail a lot. Despite the fact that he burnt her with an iron.. (it’s not what it sounds like – but still!) Oh and look at that hair.. hot!


She enjoys some good cold rock – where the rocks are cold. Tegan is great with personal jokes, we have countless personal jokes, including cold rock.

Tegan and Steffany

She’s my best friend. And I love her a lot.

Status Updates

I stole this idea from Ruth Limkin. This is all the status updates facebook doesn’t have room for…

Steffany is happy to be on holidays after this Thursday

Steffany is praying about her Mum

Steffany is nervous about visiting the hospital and she gets queasy really easily

Steffany is still feeling sick, despite what her gossiping coworkers think

Steffany hasn’t done any Christmas shopping yet

Steffany thought the panto was great and Sarah Starrenburg is really talented

Steffany is cold

Steffany wants to go to the movies

Steffany is wishing Tegan and Mikhail a Happy 3 Year Anniversary Day

A Tasmania House Christmas

Tegan, Emma and myself named our unit ‘The Tasmania House’.

It is named this mainly because Tegan and Emma were born and lived all their lives in Tasmania.. and I lived there for a about 6 years. Hold the Tasmanian jokes please.

This Christmas will be our first Tasmania House Christmas, and sadly, our last as we are all off on our separate ways next year. But I thought I’d post the picture, because I think it’s a decent achievement for my first Christmas tree. In inherited it from my parents, who bought it the year I was born. So I guess it’s symbolic or something.

Christmas Tree