Video killed the radio star

According to Nielson statistics, the average American family watches televion about seven hours a day.

DL Wilcox & GT Cameron, 2006.


You know you’re a Gilmore Girls Fan..

You officially know you are a Gilmore Girls fan when…

1) You can name the characters full names (Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, etc.)

2) You know the title to episode 4.22

3) You’re thinking of the test run at the Dragon Fly right now, because you just read number 2.

4) You’ve considered going to Yale

5) Connecticut is an awesome state in your mind.

6) You can name at least 3 buisnesses in Stars Hollow.

7) You’re smart.

8) You know what Oy With the Poodles is.

9 You either think of yourself as a Lorelai or Rory.

10) You can name the colors of the season’s DVD cases; 1=yellow 2=blue etc.

11) You also enjoy the shows Greys Anatomy and/or Friends.

12) When you are in a small town you look for similarities to Stars Hollow.

13) When someone says, “I’m from Connecticut.” Gilmore Girls pops into your mind.

14) You know who all three Lorelais are.

15) You either love Christopher or hate him.

16) You have revolved your music taste around the show.

17) Same with your clothes.

18) And reading taste.

19) You’re denying this 🙂 And if you’re not you wish you were.

20) You know what the DAR is.

21) You wish you could go to Chilton.

22) You either want a Prius or a Jeep

23) You want to have a year themed party like 2002.

24) Blue eyes rock.

25) Phrases from the show have snaked their way into your vocabulary.

26) You try to get your hair to curl, but it just won’t.

27) You love coffee.

28) You really want to eat at Luke’s Diner.

29) When someone says they like Gilmore Girls you ask them about the show.

30) You’re probably a Luke and Lorelai fan.

31) You know the words to “Where You Lead”

32) You think the name Lorelai is awesome.

33) You know Paul Anka is a singer.

34) You love snow

35) You know who Dean, Jess, and Logan all went out with.

36) You think technically I am forgetting Tristan.

37) Gilmore Girls completes your life.

38) You’ll watch season 1 over and over again no matter how many times you’ve seen those episodes…and still laugh your ass off.

39) You’ve realized that Lauren Graham really does act and talk like that…its not just for the character.

40) You know that Alexis Bledel is spanish.

41) You know that they called kirk a different name in the first few episodes.

42) You know that Liza Weil (aka paris) tried out for the part of rory

43) You know what animal lorelai hides the key under

44) You LOVED Dave Rygalski…

45) You actually felt sorry for Tristan

46) You can name what season each part is from when the theme song is playing

47) You’ve seen every single episode at least twice!

48) you know how many jimmy choo shoes you can buy with 75,000 dollars.

49) When you name your pets after characters

50) When you’ve compared the guys in your life to Dean, Jess, Tristan, Marty or Logan.


This is a list of the things that are currently “my favourite” right now.


Favourite Drink: Tea

Favourite Fruit: Oranges

Favourite Song: No Good – Kate Voegele

Favourite Day of the week: Friday

Favourite Movie/Tv Show: One Tree Hill

Favourite Word: Decadent

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Book: Written on Silk by Linda Lee Chaikin



Some of these answers actually took me by surprise. I’m not normally a pink person, and normally I love coffee more than tea and I would probably choose a mango over an orange. But right now — at this exact point in time. The above are my favourites.