Welcome to the new year!

I love New Years. I’m so big on reflection so New Years is the perfect time to sit and reflect upon the year that way and the year that will be. I love thinking about all the big things that happened, all the small things, the people that I met, the events, the moments, the hard times, the good times. I love to think about it all, remember the things I’m thankful for and all the good things I have to look forward to.

2011 in summary.

My best friend got engaged to my other best friend. What a day that was.

I went brunette!

My beautiful Laura got engaged to her man.

Davey and Mel got married and we had a family holiday in Tasmania.

I got a blunt fringe and learnt how to colour coordinate with my friends.

Countless engagement parties.

Dress up parties.

A year of these ladies in this house.

Milestone birthdays with friends.

Milestone birthdays with family.

Front row seats to my best friends wedding.

Birthday picnics for me.

This girls wedding!

Georgia is all grown up and graduated. Oh.. and stunning at her formal.

I got to be a part of this special girls most special day. What a treat.

I went on my very first but hopefully not my last cruise.

If I had to summarise this year I would use two words, weddings and Canada. The people in the picture above have all moved to Australia from Canada and have been such a huge part of why I had a great year. Some of them I have known years.. some.. only 2 months. But they are so critical to why I am so happy. Some of my best friends got married this year and I was a big part of their days.

2011 was a crazy amazing year.

2012 is clear, fresh and unwritten. I can’t wait to see what words I’ll use to describe it, what pictures I’ll have to share. If you can’t wait either, you should stayed tuned to this blog. I promise to make regular (ish) updates on what will be a rockin year.

Cheers, love and hugs. Cos turns out I’m more of a touch person than I realised.

Clean White Love

Hello my lovely friends and blog readers,

Welcome to Spring! In my opinion, spring is by far the best season. The weather is perfect, I’m born in spring, the flowers are delicious, its wedding season and all of sudden you feel like things that were difficult to achieve in winter, are now possible in spring.

This spring proves to be the best so far. One the 17th of September, my best friend, Tegan Churcher, will become Mrs Tegan Swanborough and this profound and precious occurrence will make this September amazing.

Most of the time I remember that I am a grown up now. I go to say things like ‘When I grow up I want to be a race-car driver’ and then realize that I actually am basically all grown up. I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination, but I am technically grown up. I have a job, bills, responsibilities. Most of the time I remember I am grown up.

Except for when I don’t remember. And I still feel about 12/17 years old and I wonder how I am even old enough to get a speeding ticket, am I really old enough to chaperone my sister on her schoolies cruise? I don’t think so.

I’m also not old enough for my best friend of the last 15 and ¾ years to be getting married. Now I have other friends who are married. My first close friend from school got married at 19, and I had a bit of a flip out then too. But then it became more normal, not so with Tegan. I think it’s because I’ve know her since I was 7.

To me we’re still sitting on the stairs at her parents place drinking green cordial and laughing about nothing. To me we’re still making our own Christmas decorations and decorating our bedrooms. We’re still making dance routines to the Backstreet Boys. We still have fairy parties and McDonalds parties. To me it still feels like the days when I used to try and force Tegan into going for a swim in her pool because I thought it was warm enough. Tegan was very over the novelty of a pool because she actually had one at her house. I still feel like we’re old enough to turn the trampoline up on its side and throw our bodies at it to try and knock it over and land on the trampoline. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when we were swinging on the playground and I got my hair caught in the swing as Tegan twisted me up so that when I untwisted I would spin around in circles. To me we’re still doing fashion parades and playing offices. I remember when we did ‘Twinkle’ the musical together, and I remember having Christmas Eve parties together, I remember talking about our first boyfriends back in primary school and it really wasn’t THAT long ago.

There’s something about knowing someone as well as I know Tegan, that I know marriage doesn’t really change anything much with us. We’ve done best friendship long distance, we survived seasons of boyfriends, break ups and seasons of both being single, we’ve survived financial troubles, and parental troubles and I know, that nothing really shakes our friendship. We’ve sustained one or two knocks, but in the end, they’ve just made it better.

I actually can’t adequately express how grateful I am for Tegan. I honestly don’t know how people survive without friendships like this. There are only really a few people that shape you as a person, and for me, those people are Jesus Christ, my father and Tegan Maree.

I can’t wait to see you get married. I can’t wait to see my childhood best friend and my adult best friend get married to one of the most amazing guys I know. I’m so proud of you. I’m so honoured to know you and to be a part of your life and your big day.


On Friday night I went to a dinner party with some friends. Two of my engaged friends invited us all there to inform us we were to be a part of their wedding day in exactly one year’s time. I have the awesome privilege of being Rebecca Mumberson’s maid of honour.. and so I am super excited and have weddings on the brain. I love weddings and Christmas. They are like the best days of the year. To make things even more exciting, Toni Snell is doing their wedding photo’s. I love her photos. So exciting.


Toni Snell's Handywork

Toni Snell's Handywork



So pardon me if this blog get used a lot to blog about ideas and excitement in the lead up to the big day. I’ll be needing help.


Bridal Couture

Bridal Couture

Worth the effort

Despite normally being a ridiculously busy person, while I’m on uni holidays, there isn’t a whole lot for me to do at work. So I fill my time with lots of different websites, blogs and online communities. It’s a bit crazy how many different username and passwords I have to remember. The mind does indeed boggle. Here’s a handful of my favourites at the moment.

Shelfari is really great if you’re really into books.

Best thing about Shelfari is being able to organise all of my reading from years past to current readings.

Toni Snell’s Blog is a fairly new discovery.

I like it because she photographs weddings so beautifully, and has done a fair few people that I know

Chictopia is a website for people who are really into fashion, those willing to share their insight, or those willing to gain insight.

The worst thing about Chictopia is feeling the need to upload photos of yourself in very fashionable clothing and sometimes feeling a little, well, unfashionable.

I discovered because Sarah Starrenburg showed me how great it was for online journalling.

Greatest features on the website would probably be the ability to make journal notes or contributions private or public, and being able to choose which version of the bible you’d like

This is a favourite because despite the exchange rate, I still find shopping for books and dvd’s online a lot easier

The worst thing about is forgetting to think about postage costs and paying more than you thought

I enjoy lauraandfriends because it is regularly updated, varied, funny and helps to keep me up to date with the inner workings of Laura

The thing that would make it a better website would be more frequent posts.


By the end of this weekend I shall hopefully come out alive after I completely immerse myself in the wonderful weird world of weddings.
I’m going along to check out the future Mrs Aiton’s wedding… but afterwards… I will be attending.. the Brisbane Bridal Expo! Yikes!
One of my best friends Rebecca is getting married in 2010 and so we are going along to the expo to pick up ideas and inspiration and hopefully a free gift or two.
Apart from supporting my friend, and enjoying pretty dresses etc.. I’m fairly excited about spying on some crazy BrideZilla’s. I’m sure they will be out in full force. I’m also on the look out for groups of ladies without engagement rings. Just wondering whether people who aren’t engaged rock up to these kind of things and just.. plan their wedding in advance. They’ll find the husband later.
Experts from Women’s Entertainment have identified the following signs that the blushing bride has become a weapon of mass exasperation:
1. She wonders why the mean ol’ mayor is being such a jerk about the tickertape parade.
2. Spray-painting 100 doves gold is not “over the top,” but necessary.
3. Vendors are instructed never to make direct eye contact and to always address the woman in question as “Her Majesty, The Bride.”
4. The reception involves speedboats, hot-air balloons, fireworks, or clearance from NASA.
5. Both Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio call to voice their concern that the floral arrangements will affect Earth’s fragile eco-balance.