Life Lessons from Logan Huntzberger

Yesterday I posted a facebook status about the effect Logan Huntzberger (one of Rory Gilmore, of the TV Show Gilmore Girls love interests) has had on my perception and opinion of men. The response was interesting and as we all know social networking is the key to knowing what people currently care about. I thought I would explore the thought further.

I’m going to be very honest and say that I love fiction. I love fictional novels, I love fictional tv shows, movies, theatre. I LOVE fiction. I love the ability it has to draw you into a different world, similar to ours, or completely surreal and the ability it has to provoke our imagination. I also think, it’s a very very dangerous thing to become enamoured with.

Logan Huntzberger has many great qualities. He’s extremely well spoken (a killer vocabularly is very important to me), well read, charming, intelligent, rich, sweet, adventurous and good looking. He is however, quite a bit of a jerk. He’s rebellious, lazy, a lady killer (not literally), entitled, thinks ‘frienefits’ is a good option, has commitment issues plus probably a lot of other attributes that I choose to overlook. And therein, lies my point. I choose to overlook, qualities that are harmful for the sake of what appears to be something better. It’s that whole ‘bad boy’ thing that girls seem to be interested. We see it sort of work out in Hollywood, girls that somehow manage to tame their bad boys while still keeping that element of danger we fell in love with in the first place. It’s actually a really harmful flaw that if we’re actually being honest, most of us can relate to.

Sure, we definitely look at that screen and think to ourselves ‘This kind of guy is probably really very harmful for Rory’. Do we ship the relationship? Of course. If you’re not a Lory shipper than your a Jess and Rory (which I’m guessing is Ress or Jory or something like that) which is truly just as bad. Does anyone really ship Dean and Rory? The eternal good guy (let’s exclude end of Season 4 and beginning of Season 5). I’ve never met a massive Dean fan. And I’m not really sure why? I put it down to the fact that girls have had their opinion of men tainted from fiction.

When amazingly lovely, sweet gentleman knock on our front doors, we turn them away because we are secretly hoping Mr Bad Boy climbs through the window later on, despite his lack of good manners, commitment and their negligent treatment of our hearts. Sure, I found it super hot when Logan climbed through the window at Rory’s – despite the fact she’d just turned down Marty (A-Typical Sweetheart).WHY? What is wrong with women?!

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m a MASSIVE Gilmore Girls fan and a big Logan lover. But I don’t necessarily think it’s the healthiest thing to dwell or to want in my life.

So thank you Logan Huntzberger for the life lesson. You’re amazing on screen – but I’m a good girl and as such, looking for a good boy.

Logan Huntzberger – Gilmore Girls

Logan: It’ll be fun, it’ll be a thrill. Something stupid, something bad for you. Just something different. Isn’t this the point of being young? It’s your choice, Ace. People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute. You climb up here with me, it’s one less minute you haven’t lived.

Photo Courtesy of oy with the proodles already.

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A-Z Advice from Steffany

A – Always make things right before you go to sleep. Life is too short. – free shipping!

C – Don’t always reject a compliment. Graciously say thanks and follow up with a story, related or otherwise. Always coming back with a return compliment can come off as fake!

D – Denier. The higher the denier the thicker the stocking! Also can I just say that tops are not dresses! Even if you are wearing tights!

E – Express yourself. Start a blog. Write a song. Draw a picture. None of us were made as mundane as we act.

F – Frozen peas! Greatest snack in the world. So cheap, so easy. Best if you drink them from a cup!

G – Google Reader. If you’ve got a gmail account, and you’re a blog reader. Get into google reader!

H – Handle challenges with grace. I could almost write an A-Z list on how to handle challenges with grace.

I – Independance in an amazing thing. It’s hard and challenging but oh so good. Move out. Do it.

J – Jump! “To succeed, jump as quickly into opportunities as you do at conclusions” Benjamin Franklin

K – Know who you are. If you think Joe Jonas is a babe. Stick to it and don’t let people give you a hard time.

L – Love languages. Find out what your love language is, find out what other’s are! Makes a whole lot of different to all your relationships.

M – I’m the worst saver in the world. Manage your money, don’t let it manage you.

N – Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game. I always love a bit of wisdom from Cinderella Story.

O – Don’t be realistic. Be optimistic! Sure you might get let down once or twice, but chances are you’ll notice more good and be less concerned about the bad.

P – Photo document everything! Sometimes I feel a bit like I might be missing out on a party or a wedding because I’m busy taking so many photos. But my photos last a lifetime and I never regret it.

Q – Question almost everything. Don’t walk blindly into life.

R – Read a book – at least once a year. Maybe you think once a year doesn’t sound like much. But for some people it is. Even if you don’t like reading, you should read at least one book a year. The bible doesn’t count.

S – Stash twenty dollars somewhere random. That pocket you never check, a hidden compartment in your phone. For that time you forget your wallet, or your bank card just stops working.

T – Tupperware.

U – Understand God is like men who try to understand women. Just get to know us and love us – you’ll end up loving the fact that you don’t understand everything.

V – Vent, find an appropriate medium and vent. Also – if it’s a blog, make it a private one.

W – Write a love letter. Maybe to your Mum, or me. It’ll do you almost as much good as the person who receives the letter. It’s important to acknowledge how great the people in your life are.

X – xoxo – be a good hugger!

Y – Almost no one can pull off the colour yellow.

Z – Zippers! I love a good zipper! On shoes, dresses, tops, bangles! They aren’t just for doing things up!

As requested by Laura Fraser.

Quotable Fashion

I stole a book from my best friend Emily who I’m pretty sure received this book as a present from my other best friend Laura. Let me share some quotes with you that came out of the book. The book is called ‘The One Hundred’ by Nina Garcia. Yes, another fashion post, deal with it.

A waist is a terrible thing to waste – Anonymous

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury – Coco Chanel

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones – Helena Rubinstein

I can resist everything except for temptation – Oscar Wilde

Jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles – Sonja Henie

While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong affect on her self confidence – which, I believe, does make a woman – Mark Kay Ash

We must never confuse elegance with snobbery – Yves St Laurent

Adventure is worthwhile in itself – Amelia Earhart

Ah, the things you can learn from coffee table books. If I ever get around to deciding I’m cool enough to write a book, it would be a coffee table book.

June Summary

Back in January I said I’d be doing summaries of each months. I’ve been so slack with my blog and with my life that I haven’t done them. I’ll start trying again.


Books Read: Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer, Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert. Not many this month. It’s mostly been textbooks.

Clothes Bought: My Mum bought me some boots. And I bought some earings and some bangles and the cheapest great pair of jeans!

Consumed Music: Downloaded the latest United album in this month at some point. It’s great. Also loving Hometown Glory by Adele. You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol is also great.

Films Watched: I went and saw Ghost of Girlfriends Past with Sarah Starrenburg. That was a bit rude but pretty funny. Transformers – AMAZING. I will definitely go and see that again. I think that’s all I’ve seen.

Recipies Mastered: Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s nothing spectacular.. but I don’t need a recipe. And I’ve been giving scrambled eggs a go. Pretty basic.

Lessons Learned: God’s timing is perfect. I think I finally may have this one figured out! My body really doesn’t like getting up at 4am. Bathrooms stay cleaner if you clean them really regularly. If you moan and complain and guilt trip people after you’ve done a good deed, the good in the deed has been undone. Women like to talk about their problems and men like to try and solve them. I’ve really seen that this month.

I got a new job at the end of this month after lots of prayer and interviews and tears.  So that is really great. I got to say thanks but no thanks to my hospitality job, at least for a while, which was also great. A tough month but it ended well!


Shia Labeouf & Megan Fox

Shia Labeouf & Megan Fox




One of my favourite quotes..

I read this book last year “God Chicks: Living life as a 21st century woman” by Holly Wagner and the chapter The ‘Whatever it takes’ chick was one of my favourites. There was the quote in it that made the slightly tacky “chick” references worthwhile.

When women around the world told Holly how much they wanted to have her life and how could they get it.. this is what she would reply with.

“Study hard… read a book a week.. stay married when you feel like leaving.. write a letter to a friend when you’d rather shop.. play with your children when you want some time alone.. write when you feel like sleeping.. work out when you feel like playing.. control emotions when you feel like screaming.. forgive when you feel like hating.. overcome limitations when you want to quit.”

Things I’ve learnt from QR

I started my new job on Monday – and part of the whole “getting out of my comfort zone” thing meant that I was going to be taking the train to work. It’s approximately a 45 minute train ride – which is enough time to observe several things about people, train travel and life.

I find it entertaining to watch people while I’m riding the train. However I don’t always watch people’s facial expressions – I find their footwear fascinating. You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of shoes they wear on the train. I’ve realised there a 3 kinds of people – well women, because men don’t wear heels.

1. Women who don’t really care what their shoes look like – as long as they are comfortable and can wear them all day long.

2. Women who care what they look like at work – but either have to walk long distances or prefer to be comfortable on the train – therefore wear sneakers or thongs.

3. People who constantly care what they look like and so wear painstakingly high or uncomfortable shoes on the train.

I am yet to decide which kind of person I will be – I started off as a 3 type of person, as most women probably do and have now become a mix of both 1 & 2. I think however after a month of changing over my shoes in the lift thing – I’ll probably end up as a 1. And buy some ugly flat shoes.

What I’ve been trying to articulate for years..

One of the deepest ways a woman bears the image of God is in her mystery. By “mystery” we don’t mean “forever beyond your knowing,” but something to be explored.” “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,” says the book of Proverbs, “to search out a matter is the glory of kings” (25:2). God yearns to be known. But he wants to be sought after by those who would know him. He says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13). There is dignity there; God does not throw himself at any passerby. He is no harlot. If you would know him you must love him; you must seek him with your whole heart. This is crucial to any woman’s soul. “You cannot simply have me. You must seek me, pursue me. I won’t let you in unless I know you love me.”
Captivating – John & Stasi Eldredge

There you have it guys. Now you can quit with the whole – I’ll never understand girls thing. We want to know you actually care before we let you understand us.