Life Changing Brownies & Other Stuff

The other day I was texting with my best friend. We were just chatting about what we were eating that day, as you do with your best friend. I was telling her that I’d just eaten this amazing brownie that I bought on my way to work. It was a raspberry brownie in the shape of a love heart which made it pretty much the best thing ever. In fact, the exact words I used were.

I am eating this raspberry brownie and it’s actually pretty life changing.

We joked about how if it was such a serious event in my life then we should stop and take stock of this amazing moment. We were joking, but it really did get me thinking about how flippantly we use certain words and certain phrases such a “life changing”.

I’m actually all for a little hyperbole and embellishment when it comes to storytelling or statement making but I’ve realised that in our day and age, it seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. I have this tendency to pick up words and verbal habits from peers and mass media – sometimes I catch myself saying things that don’t even really make sense. What’s the problem with this you ask? Is there really any harm in saying your brownie was life-changing?

Probably not. In fact, there’s really no problem with it. Sometimes we say crazy stuff like that just to make a point. I really just wanted to express to my bestie about how basically, this was as good as a brownie could get for me.. I mean raspberries and chocolate, YUM. However I do think there is the potential for harm in adopting a flippant attitude to the words we choose to use on a day to day basis.

I’m not saying a brownie couldn’t be life changing. Maybe I dropped my brownie in the street and a dashing young man reached down and grabbed it before it hit the ground rendering it uneatable and then we had a moment and he got my phone number and then we dated and got married. LIFE CHANGING BROWNIE. Maybe the brownie maker invited me to an event she was having and I went along and it was an introduction to brownie making course which I did discovering a passion for baking in which I gave up my day job and became a brownie chef. LIFE CHANGING BROWNIE.

But really, I was just sitting at my desk eating a yummier than yum brownie while trying to get through a pretty run of the mill type of work day. The brownie, in no actual way, changed my life.

We’ve all heard before how important the words we choose to use are. They can bring life or bring death and a whole myriad of other destructive or purposeful things.

My consistently rabbiting on and on about the brownie and using what are actually powerful words to describe a piece of food – I limit the words power.

Then next time I say that something is “life changing”, it loses a little bit of its oomph. Because if the brownie was life changing, and the sparkling long black was life changing and my new ankle boots were life changing and the hair cut I just had was life changing then the next time I go to use the word for its original purpose, it loses its impact.

How life changing is the word of God when I’m slushing it together with something as insignificant as a brownie? It loses its power.
Next time you hear me explain that something is “life changing”.. You’re going to second guess my words. It loses its credibility.

I think we all know that if we speak negative things over our life, we start to see negative results yet if we speak with authority and positivity, we start to see a real change for the better. I think sometimes we forget about all the in-between words that also have power.

I don’t want to become the words police and stop engaging with the world because I’m spending ALL my time analysing new slogans and sayings that come out – but I do want to live a life that means something. I want to speak with integrity and power and I don’t want the important words I speak to get lost in amongst the junk that can sometimes creep into my vocabulary.

Eating that brownie has made me realise that all of my words have value and it’s changing the way I talk. So maybe it was more of a life changing brownie that I thought?

Just my type.

Lately I’ve been using pintrest. It’s quite wonderful. Being a words person .. it’s not surprising that I love quotes and images and pretty wording and that I have a specific board for typography.

                                                    Source: via Steffany on Pinterest

                                                             Source: via Steffany on Pinterest

                                                                           Source: via Steffany on Pinterest


                                                               Source: via Steffany on Pinterest

                                                            Source: via Steffany on Pinterest


                                                              Source: via Steffany on Pinterest

Oh Deary Me

I’m a gifts person. That’s my official love language. But it’s also a frustrating love language to have, so my second and the one I use/receive the most of is Words of Affirmation. That’s because I’m big on words. Yes yes, talking. But the actual words mean so much to me. I’m becoming a person who is conscious of what she says because words are important.

Terms of Endearment

A term of endearment is a word or phrase used to address and/or describe a person, animal or inanimate object for which the speaker feels love or affection. Terms of endearment are used for a variety of reasons, such as parents addressing their children and lovers addressing each other. (Wikipedia, 2011)

The other day I was discussing with my bestie Tegan and I decided I liked used the word ‘affectionately’. It got me to thinking about words that describe affectionate feelings and what are blogs if not for sharing thoughts. These are my thoughts on Endearing Terms.

Babe – this is probably the one term of endearment that I don’t even notice that I use. I use it in written form and it actual conversations. This word gets used for any friend who is an actual friend. They don’t need to be my bestie, but someone I see semi-regularly or catch up with on the odd occaision. If you are one of these people, you’ve probably received a text that starts like this ‘Babe! What’s happening with..’ or ‘Hey babe, did you know..’

Baby – Possibly the only thing my future boyfriend will ever hear me call him. Every now and then (like hardly ever!) I accidentally call friends ‘baby’. Only super super close friends and everytime I say it, I cringe and hope they heard ‘babe’. Sometimes Georgia gets ‘baby’. Cos she’s my little baby sister. Self explanatory.

Buddy – All close male friends will get ‘buddy’. It is my way of telling them I think very much of them, without them thinking I am in love with them. I hope.

Butterchicken – a Willis version of buttercup or other such words. Georgia loves to call me butterchicken. Extremely racist and patronising. I like it.

Girly – Favourite ladies will hear me say girly a little bit.

Bunny – originally something I picked up off Tegan Swanborough. And has really taken off. I hear my sisters friends saying Bunny all the time. It normally gets used like this ‘Hello bunny’, ‘Why are you such a naughty bunny’. NB is also, Naughty Bunny. ‘Stop being such a NB’.

Lovely – Gets used frequently in written communication. ‘Hello lovely’.

Pookie – I think this one is disgusting, which is especially why I like to use it every now and then.

I don’t really see a big need for anthing with ‘sweet’ in the title. Sweetie, sweetheart, sweet sugar plum pie, sweet cheeks, sweetness. Sugar is bad too, sugar babe. Maybe it’s just S words. Snookie, snookums, snuggle bunny, stud. BLECH.

Darling is even pushing it a little bit too far. Overuse of any word frustrates me, but overuse of terms of endearment is most likely to drive me crazy.

Fair warning.

Making it Up

I made up a new word today.




It essentially is a combination between humid weather, and muggy weather. Here, I’ll use it in a sentence.

“Gee! I can really feel the muggidity outside, it must be going to rain”

Now, I don’t think it will get as much use as ‘romantical’, the other word I made up. But that’s ok – I have this feeling I may not be the only person who “made up” the word romantical.