September Wrap Up

Have been a bit MIA lately and that’s due to busy weekends and busy weeks filled with all kinds of different delights that I might post up soon including some pictures of my birthday and birthday gifts.

Got to catch up with Pierson on the weekend for a bit and it was SO good to see him. Also managed to get some footage of him for my ‘LIFE’ movie. Oh I haven’t told you about that? I’m making a movie of my life. Actually, more like my life lately as I haven’t been filming for the last 22 years. Would really love a better camera for filming.. my camera actually does a great job, but something to do with the format.. I have to convert it to use on my mac, and when I convert it, the quality drops. Not sure why anyone would want to know that?

In the meantime.. please enjoy – if you haven’t already seen it, my Hillsong 2010 movie.

Saw Charlie St Cloud on my birthday. Went mostly cos I love a bit of Zac Efron in my life, and especially on my birthday.

Was a bit of a strange sort of movie with an interesting (strange) kind of plot line. The character of Charlie St Cloud was pretty believable. Despite the fact that he talks to ghosts, he doesn’t come across as too ridiculous. Wasn’t as sad as I thought it was going to be either. Two girls were chatting about the movie as we left the cinema and one girl was all ‘Wow, I’ve never heard Zac talk so much, didn’t like that at all’. Haha! However I think Mr Efron’s acting skills have definitely improved and I think I’ll love anything he does – BUT I still prefer him as Troy Bolton. You really can’t beat the cheesy over the top HSM.

three stars

In other news, university is kind of crazy at the moment hence the lack of blogging. I realise that I don’t blog when I’m busy, I blog when I’m bored. Mostly finished a presentation off on the weekend, and just got one more big assignment before I’m done with assignments for the year. I think I just have one exam and then I’m done for a while.

I got two pairs of shoes from Blaine and Tegan for my birthday! Below is the pair I could find a picture of online! How lucky am I?


2 weeks ago I started watching Alias and I’m already half way through the entire series.

I’ve been using the work photocopier to print out uni notes.

I actually had a dream the other night about Zac Efron.

Sometimes I worry that I think a lot more about clothes and shoes than I do about Jesus.

But.. I really do love Jesus.

Really going through a stage where I appreciate my girlfriends.

I really enjoy snacking on frozen peas.

I hate most heeled ankle boots.

Right now. I’m loving tumblr more than I love wordpress. But at least I’m honest.

Last week, I think I had a maxibon ice-cream, nearly every day.

I miss reverb.

I miss my best friend.

I honestly don’t like any boys – but am struggling not to flirt with randoms, like the Subway guy.

For the last six months I didn’t display the correct registration sticker

I believe in a thing called love.

I’m yet to complete anything off my List of 100 things to do while I’m still Single.

I listen to the Jonas Brothers.

I’m shocked when I get uni marks back and I did well.

My showers always take more than 15 minutes. Sometimes 20. Every day.

I care more about what is right than what looks right.

I think Laura should be getting paid for her blog and Emily should be getting paid for her art.

I often forget about other people’s feelings and focus on my own.

I like writing about myself.

O Holy Night

O Holy Night is my favourite Christmas carol. Or at least one of my favourite Christmas carols. I’m fairly partial to God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman and Carol of the Bells. But that’s not important right now.

I love but have also been confused by some of the lyrics in O Holy Night.

The thrill of hope

The weary world rejoices

I guess I never really thought about what it meant each time I sung along to it at church or on a cd or wherever. But I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about Christmas Carols and how biblical they are. How the most atheist of people can quite happily sing words like ‘Fall on your knees, O hear the angels voices’. But back to the lyrics at hand.

I guess… hope is thrilling. Although I’ve never really thought of it like that. To so many, to hope is to risk something, sometimes everything. To hope for a blissful marriage.. that’s risky. To hope for the new business venture to work out.. that’s risky. To hope for Zac Efron to somehow meet a 20 yr old red headed girl from Australia and realise that she is his soul mate.. that’s risky. But I think, if you want it to be, hope can be thrilling.

In the mess of it all.. we’ve lost the thrill. We’ve hoped too many times and our hopes were dashed. The marriage broke down, the business went bust because of the economic crisis and Zac Efron is dating a beautiful brunette from America. I think a lack of hope leads to weariness. Weariness of the soul.

When Jesus was born.. he truly brought real hope to the world. And he bought thrill back into fashion as the hope we have in Jesus can’t be easily lost. A weary world rejoices because of the birth of one man. I know I’m weary.. I’m weary from all the hopelessness. But I’m thankful for real hope – and I think that’s why the world rejoices at Christmas. At least, that’s why I rejoice at Christmas – my weary soul is filled with thrilling hope.

The Countdown

I’m no longer embarrassed. I really enjoyed the first and second High School Musical movies because of the cheesy cheese and Zac Efron. But having watched the previews etc for High School Musical 3.. I think I might actually actually really enjoy this movie.

Anyone who needs a good excuse to go and see this. I’m happy to be that excuse.

An Apathetic Spirit

Finding the Cure


I am truly convinced that reception desks breed apathy. At least this reception desk does.


I think any job that involves repetitive, monotonous activities have great potential to bring out the lethargic in the most passionate of people.


Before children are exposed to the world’s cruelties, I think they are naturally passionate little human beings.

Babies are passionate. You can hear it in their screams for food or for a nappy change. Children are passionate. They love their toys and they love lots of toys and they passionately hate it when you take their toys away.

Somewhere along the line – our passion fades. I can think of only one person excited about a loss of passion.


From the moment you are born, it seems like your passion, zeal and enthusiasm for life is threatened. Passion can feel like running uphill with a 20kg backpack instead of leaping and bounding across the top of a mountain. Keeping passion feels like fighting a battle you’ve already lost. I guess that’s what losing passion is – giving up on fighting for things you care about.


We were made for far more than apathy.


I know I’m a naturally excitable person. I’m so excited about the release of a children/early teens movie that I’ve got a count down on my Facebook. Most if not all of the injuries I’ve sustained are bruises and bumps from the times I got way too excited by something that I ran into a wall, or fell off my chair. I think excitement and hype are different to passion. I still find myself excited about things. But realistically, they aren’t really things that matter. (Although Zac Efron does matter to Jesus!).


My life is full. But not full of the things I’d like. It’s full of discontent, disappointment, apathy, sickness, printing, folding, stapling and the most irritating noise of all which is a telephone ring and I feel as though I’m suffocating. I sit by myself all day doing nothing of significance and I know how excited Satan is by this.


I know deep down, I’m really passionate about a lot of things. I’m passionate about God’s kingdom, people, communication, love, justice, writing, singing, friends, the restoration of families and about His church.


I’m choosing to be moved by my passion. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’m guessing it’s something different to what I’m doing now.


I get excited by hype, but passion moves me.